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Hi, I'm Ricky Tam.  

I am a multi-dimensional User Experience (UX) Designer, Content Creator, and Digital Project Management professional with extensive experience with a deep passion for understanding how technology impacts people’s behavior and influences their habits.

Some of the work I'm most proud of.

Image by Jo Szczepanska

My Golden Time

My GoldenTime is a mobile app that helps busy people in reclaiming their time and staying focused on what matter most.

My Role

I am the lead user experience researcher and designer for a 6-week project.

Main Goal

Learn how a mobile app can help busy people in reclaiming their time and stay focused.


Admissions Digital Platform

Successfully redesigned the HKBU CIE college website and admissions website to greatly enhance the user experience and brand awareness.

My Role

I am the project manager, senior UX designer & researcher, UX writer, information architect, interaction advisor, and technical lead for the maintenance and growth of the HKBU CIE digital channels.

Main Goal

Increase the online presence and user experience of the CIE online platform.


Virtual Campus Tour

Successfully provided a virtual experience and better understanding of the CIE campus for our visitors, the mobile-friendly Virtual Campus Tour web app was developed and launched in early 2020 including more than 10 venues 3 types of facilities.

My Role

I am the

Product owner

Agile Scrum Master,

UX Designer,

UX Writer

Prototyping Designer and 

User interface design consultant

Main Goal

Reach prospective students during pandemics, facilitate any interested parties to learn more about our campus, and provide the best digital user experience for the public.

Design Sprint_ Case Study.png

Design Sprint: Case Study

Successfully conducted a five-day Design Sprint introduced by the Google Venture to tackle the challenge and solve the problem.

My Role

I am the senior UX designer & researcher, UX writer, information architect, interaction design advisor.

I introduced the Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology to my team. I was responsible to lead and guide my teammates during the five-day design sprint challenge and coming up with a solution to solve the problem for users who would like to apply for the Undergraduate Programme by clicking on the “Apply Now” button and landing to the relevant web page directly

Figma UI Designs: Mockups and Interactive Prototype

Figma UI Design_ Wireframe and Interactive Prototype.png

My Role

I am the User Interface Designer of this project. I create the high fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes using Figma which contain all kinds of UI decisions like colour and typography to make my product looks similar to what it is when it's completed. The interactive prototype facilitated me to conduct usability tests and identify aspects of my product that could be improved in other rounds of design enhancements and ensure that my product meets the needs of my users.

My Golden Time - Ricky Tam - Unmoderated Usability Test Report.png

UX Research:
Case Study of Remote Unmoderated Usability Test

I was testing the prototype of my project “My Golden Time” and I’d find 10 people to participate in the Remote Unmoderated Usability Test.

I was hoping to get some feedback quickly and discover if the high fidelity mockup is good or not for any further design iteration and enhancement.

My Role

I acted as a UX researcher this is part.

I had invited 10 users remotely.  The movement of their click actions and pacing were recorded. I reviewed the recordings and observed users' behavior during the test.

I also asked testers to share with me their feedback 
on the remote usability testing.


Ricky Tam is a multi-dimensional User Experience (UX) Design and Digital Project Management professional.

Nice to meet you.

I’d love to show you more of my work and answer any questions you may have.

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